Need a Hotel near Browsholme Hall the great wedding location?

The best hotel near Browsholme hall
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The Hotel boast of certain features that provides visitors with comfort, fun, and overall thrilling experience. If the hotel browsholme hall didn’t exist, individuals who travel far away from home for certain reasons or activity would find it pretty hard to get a roof over their heads. Hotels come with certain features that make them the best choice for travelers. They provide visitors with security, luxury, comfort, and convenience. So if you need a hotel near Browsholme hall read on.

In a hotel, you are always given the best treatment by on-hand staff who ensure that your comfort remains their priority. Another fantastic amenity that you get to enjoy while staying in a hotel is room service. With just a phone call, you can order for whatever meal you wish to have. There are room attendants who will deliver the meal to your door. Just the cost of the meal will be displayed on room charges. Like Hotels, you can’t enjoy such a feature in an in-house restaurant.

Peradventure, you have been invited to an event at Browsholme hall, and you need a place to spend the night before returning home; you shouldn’t stress your brain thinking, make reservations for a hotel, and enjoy comfort all the way.

What is Browsholme Hall?

Browsholme Hall; is located in the forest of Bowland, Lancashire. Ever since its establishment, this residence has been the abode of the Parker family. The Brownsholme Hall is a unique historic apartment that is adorned with several amazing physical features such as a romantic and beautiful garden, and an amazing antiquarian collection of possessions that has been in existence for over fourteen generations.

Browsholme’s Tithe Barn has been transformed into a fantastic avenue for weddings and receptions, where couples can introduce their inspirations to make an amazing wedding and reception for their family, friends, and loved ones. The Tithe Barn is individuals as well as exclusive, and it is the ideal abode for a special day irrespective of the season.

Whether attending a wedding or taking a minute break at the Brownsholme Mill Hall, you can choose to reside in the traditional stone-built cottage or the more luxurious micro lodges in the Woodland Glade. The Brownsholme Mill Hall is located just 10 minutes from Clitheroe and the A59.

Visitors will not just enjoy the outstanding antiquarian collection of this abode; they will also be thrilled by the genuine aura of an amazing family home. Excellent oak chests, Gillow furniture, portraits, Civil war arms, and several other antiques that can capture your thoughts and make your mind travel are what make up this amazing residence. In this hall, visitors can enjoy homemade refreshments in tearooms inside a refurbished 18C Tithe Barn.



Type of venue

  • In the country
  • Stately Home
  • Barn
  • Historic
  • Outdoor License


Evening Entertainment


  • Dance floor
  • Evening Reception Facilities
  • Entertainment License
  • Dj Facilities

Overnight Accommodation

  • Overnight accommodation for wedding couples
  • Overnight accommodation for guests

Other features

  • Pets allowed
  • Helipad
  • Car Park
  • Facilities for the disabled


  • 50 to 75 guests
  • 75 to 100 guests
  • 100 to 150 guests


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